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Marketing Agencies

Manage projects and clients
 Consistent work for consistent results
 Communicate and engage with clients
 World class reporting

Local Businesses

 Do your own marketing!
 Rank your own business in Google, Yahoo, & Bing
 Real-Time instant messaging with our staff
 Step-by-Step short video instructions

Done-For-You Services

 We do all the work
 Granular reporting
 Dedicated project manager
 Advanced ranking techniques

Over 5,000 Local Businesses Are Powered By Local Oxygen

Local Oxygen has helped over 5,000 local and national businesses get more traffic and conversions on the Internet.

Find out why!

What's Your Local Score?

Enter any business name and zip code and see how optimized it is for local search.

Automated Intake Forms

Create custom intake forms that allow your customers to jump in and input all of their own company information so you can quickly get started marketing for them.  Include your own intro video explaining how you want them to fill this out.  They receive periodic reminders to complete this saving you hours of time for both collection of this vital information and follow-up.

Checklist Workflow

We give you all of our secret marketing techniques and put them all in an organized checklist which you can apply to each of your clients.  This allows you to do consistent work, keep track of what you do, and in the process build your monthly reports as you check items off.  These checklists are totally customizable so you can modify them, or even add your own checklists for different types of work.

Simple Yet Powerful Project Management
Create Discussions

Create Checklists

Save Documents & Images

Quickly Create Notes


By the way … each of these can be kept internal, or shared with your client to engage the client and allow them to participate with their marketing.

Use Proprietary Ranking Techniques

Locate and use citations that your competition is using to get ranked.  Not just some, but all, just for yourself which gives you a totally unfair advantage.  We call these our “Power Listings” Manage LocalEZE and UBL accounts for each of your clients at a fraction of the cost of retail.  See all of the things we do to get our clients not just maps and organic rankings…but 3-5 rankings on the front page of the search engines.  Plus our world class reputation marketing to protect our clients from bad reviews.

World Class Reporting

If your customers don’t get reports, they don’t think you are doing work for them.  These reports not only look amazing, but are automatically built as you check off your work.  Everything you do is justified because you can show everything you do to the customer.  You can also add custom information in your monthly report as well as include ranking reports, reputation marketing results and other useful data to show your customers.  Did we mention the reports look amazing?

Automated Customer Communication

One of the most time intensive processes we do is communicate or prepare to communicate with customers.  This is absolutely necessary but does not contribute in any way to helping them rank better or get more customers.  We provide three automated processes you can use to communicate.  1) Automated emails sent out at specific points in the marketing process, 2) automated text messages, and 3) automated voice mails (yes your pre-recorded messages go directly to their voicemail).  Cool eh?

You just became efficient and more powerful....time to scale up!


We were struggling to keep up with the work for our clients until we found Local Oxygen. This has not only allowed us to scale more efficiently, but our customers are much happier because we can connect with them easier.

Mark Hughes, GoLocalMax

This is the coolest thing, my staff can do our marketing! I like that we not only control, but understand everything that has been done to promote our company. The videos tell us exactly how to do this and we get it done little by little.

Doug, Archery Headquarters

It's great to be able to meet with clients and have my project manager take over the project and just get things done. They work with our clients just like they are our employees. This allows us to go out and focus on sales and grow our business.

Kurt Ohlson, Marketing 3.0
Used by agencies in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia

Why Local Businesses Love Local Oxygen

Just Wait...

Check this out!

Have Someone Do This For Free?

The business owner in most cases should really not be doing their own marketing, they need to focus on building their business.  However, there is often an employee with an extra 20-30 minutes/day?  Perhaps a front desk receptionist, a spouse, or  a high school / college son or daughter that is willing to pitch in? Maybe your are you a business like a gymnastics or dance studio where the parents sit and wait for their kids?  You’d be surprised how willing they may be to help you out (at no cost!).  It’s fun, and easy!

Video Tutorials

We provide short little videos each step of the way to instruct them what to do next.  Here is the process in a nutshell.  1) Watch a 2-3 minute video, 2) do what the video just showed you for your own company, 3) Mark the item as done.  Then…..repeat.


There is nothing like watching a task done to get it done quickly and easily yourself!

In-House Expertise

How would you like to tell those people who keep calling you and pestering you about doing your marketing that “We have our in-house marketing team doing this“…  Now you can, plus each step of the way we instruct the person doing this work why they are doing this so they become an expert local marketing person that can help you make decisions along the way that are in the best interest of your company.

Simple Checklists

We lead you each step of the way using a simple checklist.  Always know where you left off and even cooler…you build the report of everything done as you mark each item as complete.

This checklist has all the items in there that we use as an agency to rank our clients.  Totally transparent … totally cool!

Done-With-You Marketing

We are behind you each step of the way.  Don’t quite understand what to do, or have a question?  No problem, we have trained professionals on live chat that you can ask.   Need some extra help or something special for your company, these same professionals can be available at a small cost to help consult with you.  We also have a special local marketing university to help with extra video training and marketing techniques that can help you take your marketing the extra mile!

Done-For-Your Items

At certain points there will be a marketing item that is either too expensive or too difficult to perform yourself.  No worries, you can choose to have our trained professionals do this one part for you.  Whether it’s a press release, 100 business listings, or maybe some other type of task that you just need a little hand with, sit back and relax and let us help you with this one piece.  Then you’re back to getting your marketing done again.  This is part of our done-with-you marketing strategy.

Get More Traffic and Sales

Our marketing processes are not black box.   They’re simply what Google asks you to do, and they reward you for it!
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Let’s take the next step and work together

Done-For-You Services!

We have a team of experts ready to help you with your marketing.  Whether you are an agency or a local business, we are here to help you get your marketing done.

With your dedicated project manager, you will always have someone making sure your work is done properly and in a timely manor.   Our team has been highly trained and are very efficient at what they do.

Take a look at some of the things we do for you…

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • Competition Research

  • Visibility Report

  • UXO (User Experience Optimization)

  • Professional Keyword Research

  • Local Directory Clean-up

  • 200+ Business Listings

  • Proprietary Power Listings

  • Optimized and Geo-Tagged Images

  • Video Creation & Channel Distribution

  • Local Search Directory Creation and Optimization

  • Website On-Page Optimization

  • Reputation Marketing

  • Press Releases Written and Syndicated

  • Social Media

  • Content Creation, Optimization, Distribution

  • Call Tracking and Call Scoring

  • Detailed Reporting

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