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How to Make Direct Mail Work for Your Business with EDDM

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Have you given up on Direct Mail or think Direct Mail doesn’t work anymore? Before you rush to judgement, read on… Internet marketers will use the popularity of the internet in order to make traditional methods of advertising look bad. But the truth is traditional methods work just as well as other methods of advertising, especially direct mail. Mailing still works. People check their mail every day, just like eating, sleeping and breathing. In fact, direct mail can be even more effective than internet advertising. The competition isn’t quite as fierce, and the learning curve is much less demanding. In…

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5 Fatal Beginner Mistakes That Will Eat up Your PPC Budget Fast

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Drawing in traffic to your Web site takes time and a great strategy. This especially holds true when you’re using search engine optimization. What a lot of small business owners are finding to be quicker and just as effective are pay-per-click ads. By implementing PPC ads into your marketing campaign, you can target specific people at certain times of the day right away. While with SEO, you have to wait months before you get a chance to achieve a ranking that will allow your site to be found by visitors. But this doesn’t mean you should choose one over the…

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State of the Union 2016

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Welcome to the State of the Union 2016 featuring Kevin Wilke  (President of the Local Internet Marketing Association) and Ed Downes (Digital Marketing Strategist). On this Industry-Wide “Year In Review For Local Marketers” Live Webinar we will cover in depth… (If you ignore even one of these, you will be OUT OF BUSINESS.) What are the biggest challenges that are threatening our industry, maybe even already grabbing ahold and ready to destroy your business for good? What is the next BIG Wave of substantial opportunity for our industry? How are we, and other smart marketers, positioning ourselves right now to ride this…

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Important Productivity Tools for Local Marketers

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Here is the Training Webinar Replay on the awesome new tools to help you run your Local Marketing Agency like a BOSS! These Productivity tools will give you and your business a massive edge in 2016 by helping you increase your efficiency AND bottom line profits on all your Projects. Click to Watch the Replay below: // Topics we cover on this Webinar: - How to double or triple your Client retention rate. - New Tools to Automate Client follow-up and nurture. - How to double your Outsource workers productivity and consistency without monitoring them all day long! - How...
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Google My Business: 2016 Guide to Ranking in the 3-pack

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Watch the New LIVE Training Webinar on Ranking in Google's 3-Pack in 2016. In this over-the-shoulder walk-through Chris our CEO Shows you all the new optimization steps that our team use to consistently Rank our Clients on Page #1! Now that the old 7-pack has been cut down to the new 3-pack or Snack-pack, ranking in the top positions in Google My Business (Google Places or Google+ Local) has become increasingly difficult. Luckily our team in the Local Oxygen Labs have been hard at work testing every optimization element of our Local SEO and Ranking checklist formula to make it...
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New Local Oxygen Communications System Overview

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Check out the new custom communications system we just built into Local Oxygen to help you keep up to date on all your projects and in-touch with all your clients and Outsourcers at the press of a button. Lack of good communications is one of the biggest problems and challenges in any Local Marketing Agency which often leads to Clients leaving! We've solved this in a simple and user friendly and streamlined way without  having to use a bunch of different programs giving you a command center to run everything. Get Started HERE and check out the new communications system...
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How to Properly Optimize Your Business Website for Local SEO

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If you’re looking at building a new website for your local business or like to update your current one, this excellent infographic will show you how to make it Super Optimized for Google! For most business owners and the majority of designers, it’s a real challenge to know exactly how to lay out and properly optimize your website for Local SEO. We deal with thousands of local businesses here at Local Oxygen and one of the very first things we need to fix is the clients website to maximize all the other local marketing optimization we do! You’ll find there’s…

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Local SEO Ranking with the 3 pronged attack!

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In the past few months our local marketing Agency has been ranking incredibly well with a 91-92% average hit rate which is awesome. In this video Andy our chief teacher and co-founder of Local Oxygen will share with you the TOP 3 factors that are responsible for the consistent Google+ Local ranking results we're achieving for hundreds of our local clients. We call this the 3 Pronged attack! This is the secret to our Agencies success and creates a virtually impenetrable ranking fortress that most of your competitors will not be able to overcome. Click the button below to claim...
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How to Get More Clients using Facebook

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In this short local Marketing tutorial I go over one of my favorite ways to get more Local Clients using Facebook. When you know how to find the right prospects and what things to look for you’ll be amazed how many Local clients are there ripe for the picking! How to get more clients is always our #1 question and the biggest roadblock for so many local marketers so we’re always trying to find bigger and better ways.   If you want to learn all the Client Getting methods that we use in our thriving agency then come check out…

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Google Places Ranking Strategies: Maximizing Citations

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If you’re trying to get top Google places rankings for your clients, you are going to love this strategy session today! In this short tutorial I’ll show you one of the tools that is helping us dominate Google Places (local), by maximizing the citations we build for clients. Like most Local Marketers who do Google Places for clients or manage ANY accounts, you’ll no doubt appreciate how much of a PAIN it is to look after them especially if you’re doing the excel hell thing! Accounts get messed up and overwritten, not to mention trying to validate them to make…

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