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How to Deliver Consistent Outstanding Local Marketing Services for Clients

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Did you know it costs 80% LESS to keep a client as opposed to market and sell a new one? Did you know that one of the three BIG FATAL Mistakes 88% of local marketers make is not keeping their hard won existing clients and having to constantly land new ones? There’s usually three main reasons clients leave: Lack of results Lack of communication Not justifying the monthly fees Sure there’s sometimes other factors, but these are the main three we come across on a weekly basis out in the local marketing space. Today I’m going to show you how…

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Real-Time Bidding and Retargeting 101: What You Need To Know

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Wonder why certain ads are shown to you as you click around the Internet? These are becoming more and more relevant as time goes on. What a lot of people don’t know is that each time a web page is loaded, there is a busy auction that takes place in 100ms or less to determine who gets to show you an advertisement. It’s one of the hottest things in digital marketing and advertising right now, for good reason. What is RTB? RTB, or real-time bidding, as put so eloquently by Digiday writer Jack Marshall, is “the buying and selling of…

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Shake, Rattle, Roll: How to Get Your Groove on Despite the Google 3-Pack Changes

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Chances are if you’re at all tuned in to the digital marketing radio that are the usual marketing news sites online then you already know there’s news on the local front. Google is now showing only three business instead of seven in the “Local Pack” at least 75% of the time. Big news? It’s about as big as the King himself entering the building! (We know, we know, so 50s. Humor us.) The shake up is unexpected and has done more than rattle rankings. It’s also caused us to take a step back and re-evaluate our sweet, sweet local marketing…

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How to Properly Optimize Your Business Website for Local SEO

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If you’re looking at building a new website for your local business or like to update your current one, this excellent infographic will show you how to make it Super Optimized for Google! For most business owners and the majority of designers, it’s a real challenge to know exactly how to lay out and properly optimize your website for Local SEO. We deal with thousands of local businesses here at Local Oxygen and one of the very first things we need to fix is the clients website to maximize all the other local marketing optimization we do! You’ll find there’s…

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Free Access to the Local Marketing Success Club!

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I have some awesome News! We’ve just opened up the Local Marketing Success Club FREE Membership. This is fantastic news for anyone who is involved in Local internet Marketing or Offline Consulting as some call it. Why Are We Giving This Training For Free? Great question and the answer’s simple. There’s a ton of misleading rubbish out there on just about every aspect of Local Internet marketing so we felt compelled to offer REAL-WORLD strategies, tips and tactics on how to build a REAL business not the usual overnight tactics. These lessons are Proven, battle tested methods that we use…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Clients Long-Term

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Did you know it costs 80% LESS to keep a client as opposed to landing a new one? No wonder so many local marketing start-ups struggle to get their business off the ground and flying. If you’re losing any clients then those leaks are costing you BIG TIME! Of course we love landing new clients and a ton of focus out there is on getting new clients, but there’s little emphasis on retaining them. I can tell you first hand until we developed a working system to ensure clients stuck with us it was almost impossible to grow our Local…

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How to Embed Google Reviews on your Website the Right Way

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Watch the following quick tutorial as I demonstrate how to Embed (Display) your Google Reviews from customers on your Website the Correct Way! This is very effective AND crucial for both social proof with customers and of course helping to improve your Google Local optimization, however you MUST do this the right way. Some methods of embedding or showing reviews on your website or clients websites can attract a negative response from Google and penalize your site so it’s wise to follow this method. Click below to watch the Tutorial on Embedding your Google Reviews the Right Way.   Like…

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5 Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media to Protect your Online Reputation

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Here at Local Oxygen our Social Media Marketing department is dealing more and more with protecting and repairing online reputation. The Internet has now been around long enough that former teenagers who are in the job market are sometimes seeing the affects that poor choices made in the past can wreak on the present. Teachers, lawyers, politicians are also not immune to the far reaching implications of having made poor choices publically can have on them. As a small business owner, you’re in the same boat. It’s important to use social media carefully to enhance your business reputation. Here are…

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Introducing the New Local Marketing Club

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What's Coming up in Your New Local Marketing Club! Here's just a small sample of the exciting new and fresh Local Marketing strategies, Tactics and Resources I have lined up for you! What you're about to learn are all the very best methods and systems that have been responsible for taking our Local Marketing agency to high 6-Figures and over 5,000 clients in less than 18 months. Everything I teach you here can be implemented regardless of whether you are a Solo-preneur or have a team working with you. These are tested and proven strategies that will have a huge...
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17 Important Local Marketing Statistics to help you Succeed Online

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One thing that really motivates us as small business owners and Local Marketers is when we realize just how fast things are moving and how BIG some of these digital trends are becoming! As a business owner you simply cannot afford to ignore these statistics because everything is changing and you will only get left behind. Local Marketers should devour these statistics and keep an eye on updated figures to use for landing marketing deals. These are powerful facts that when used in conjunction with your presentations are often the catalyst that closes the sale. Study them and use them!…

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