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10 Steps to Do-it-Yourself SEO Audit

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Whether you manage your own website or you have a webmaster team dedicated to search engine optimization and online marketing, a website audit can be useful. It will uncover SEO mistakes and help ensure that proper SEO techniques are being used, throughout your website. The main reasons for using SEO is to make your website easier for search engines to navigate, to increase your search engine rankings, and help boost the amount of traffic your website receives. If you are worried about the SEO on your website, then use these 10 steps to perform your own DIY SEO audit. #1…

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Rise of the Undead: Making Sure Local SEO Is In Your Marketing Plan

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Remember when SEO was big? We do too; in fact, that’s how many of us got started in this whole digital marketing field! Recent trends, however, have seen a decided shift from traditional SEO in favor of local and content strategies. Well, we’re here to tell you: don’t put away that SEO hat just yet! SEO may not be the pinnacle of any digital marketing plan anymore. But it has a very important place within any local marketing plan (or any marketing plan). Local SEO is crucial for getting your business into those directories that thousands upon thousands search. Without…

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How to Properly Optimize Your Business Website for Local SEO

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If you’re looking at building a new website for your local business or like to update your current one, this excellent infographic will show you how to make it Super Optimized for Google! For most business owners and the majority of designers, it’s a real challenge to know exactly how to lay out and properly optimize your website for Local SEO. We deal with thousands of local businesses here at Local Oxygen and one of the very first things we need to fix is the clients website to maximize all the other local marketing optimization we do! You’ll find there’s…

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Local SEO Ranking with the 3 pronged attack!

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In the past few months our local marketing Agency has been ranking incredibly well with a 91-92% average hit rate which is awesome. In this video Andy our chief teacher and co-founder of Local Oxygen will share with you the TOP 3 factors that are responsible for the consistent Google+ Local ranking results we're achieving for hundreds of our local clients. We call this the 3 Pronged attack! This is the secret to our Agencies success and creates a virtually impenetrable ranking fortress that most of your competitors will not be able to overcome. Click the button below to claim...
Read More Releases 2013 Search Ranking Factors Study

By | SEO, SEO Linking | No Comments just released their 2013 Ranking Factors Study. These are always really interesting statistics that have been researched thoroughly and the numbers are generally very good. Look at where Google +1 stands … it’s at the #1 position in ranking factors.   Interesting eh?  This emphasizes the importance of every business having a Google+ business page and putting a Google+ button on all websites and blogs. Also notice how all of the social signals are at the top of the list with #Backlinks being third on the list now.  This shows how important social media is now for ranking websites….

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Local SEO: Owning the Local Search Scene

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As part of our Local SEO series, this following infographic thanks to Mike Blumenthals serves as a great reminder of the hierarchy of importance with our Local Search marketing and SEO. Online marketing or internet marketing has two goals- engage and convert! The social side of the internet encourages engagement and the search side focuses more on user intent and ultimately conversion of that intent into a sale. Starting from the center and working our way out you can see the order of importance as it relates to local search and optimizing your business or clients business listings on all…

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