How to Deliver Consistent Outstanding Local Marketing Services for Clients

Did you know it costs 80% LESS to keep a client as opposed to market and sell a new one?

Did you know that one of the three BIG FATAL Mistakes 88% of local marketers make is not keeping their hard won existing clients and having to constantly land new ones?

There’s usually three main reasons clients leave:

  1. Lack of results
  2. Lack of communication
  3. Not justifying the monthly fees

Sure there’s sometimes other factors, but these are the main three we come across on a weekly basis out in the local marketing space.

Today I’m going to show you how we created a system that virtually eliminated these issues and allowed us to deliver KNOCK-OUT services for clients day in and day out and increase out Client Stick Rate to 97%.

What we did is take all the best elements of marketing systems we’d used and combine the best parts into a Marketing Template and checklist system that enabled us to on-board hundreds of new clients while delivering consistent premium services that clients absolutely love!

One of the keys that makes this marketing template system work so well is how quickly you can get your outsource employees up to speed and productive with minimal training or hand holding!

Watch this Video demonstration below to see exactly HOW the system works and how it can totally transform your marketing and services.

One question that I get all the time is “can I do this for X Marketing service?” such as Mobile marketing, Reputation management, email marketing, Google Places, social media marketing or Local SEO etc.

The answer is YES we made the system completely customizable so you can deliver ANY marketing service no matter what you do. In fact I use the checklist system to design my marketing and sales funnels which has increased our conversions by 63% in the last 3 months!

Here’s something I know you are going to love which I don’t think I mentioned in the video.LO2-screen-intake500.fw

We are releasing our own personal custom marketing templates for you to use which will save an incredible amount of time and open up all sorts of doors for you to market and up-sell clients on new services.

For an example I am releasing my personal Reputation Marketing Template and Email Marketing template that has generated hundreds of thousands in revenue with profit share deals and simple promos for clients… If you’re NOT doing email marketing for clients then you leaving a ton of money on the table!

Another question I get is “I don’t want to do any of the work so do I really need the marketing templates system?”

The answer is YES, because you can use the system to map out your sales and marketing processes or project management.

If you’re doing higher end clients for consulting such as website construction and conversion or marketing funnels etc. then these things you will need the checklist system to systematize and automate your tasks and operations in the business.

Don’t forget everything you do in the marketing checklist system is transferred automatically to the reports system which is absolutely CRUCIAL to keeping clients updated, informed and happy with what you are doing… And paying you every month.

Grab yourself a Local Oxygen Command Center Account here to check out the awesome Marketing Templates and checklist system!




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