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Total Client Management Center
On-board your Clients and Manage Seamlessly from Start to Finish

  • Create an Awesome experience for your new Clients as they get Efficiently and Professionally brought on-board and Set up With Local Oxygen’s “Client Exprience Maximizer” systems.
  • Consistent Touch-Points, Communication and making Clients Feel Special will keep your clients happy and STAY Paying Clients MUCH Longer!
  • Automated Reporting system gather ALL your Work Updates and delivers Stunning Looking Reports that Dazzle Clients and Demonstrate Just how much work you’re doing for them.

Marketing Templates and Fulfillment Center
“Worlds Best Practice” Marketing Templates & Checklist Blueprints

  • Local Marketing Templates “Ready to Go” with every step detailed with action Item, Specific Video instruction and completion Checklist which Automatically fills out and Updates Your Reports!
  • Local Oxygen’s UNIQUE Marketing Template System Guarantees Your Outsource Employees Produce at Maximum Output from Day One. This makes your marketing execution Virtually FoolProof!
  • You’ll find detailed Templates for Google+ Local, Email Marketing, SEO, Video Marketing and Mobile Marketing for starters.

Local Marketing “Ranking & Power Citation Finder”
How to Hit the Google 3-Pack & Dominate the Local Search Rankings

  • NEW Secret Technology uncovers the “Unique, Hard to Find Citations and Local Listings” that are responsible for the Lions-Share of Ranking Power! (This is NOT one of the current citation finders)
  • This amazing tool is producing better Ranking form 30 “Power Rank” Citations and listings than the 300 we would normaly use for clients!
  • If you combine the “Power Ranking & Listing Engine” along with our Local Marketing MasterPlan & Template, you will be equipted with the ultimate tools to dominate your local search markets!

Complete Outsource & Team Management

Save time and Maximize Productivity with our New Outsource/Team Management system.

  • Loaded with features to help you communicate effortlessly with everyone and keep on top of all your projects!
  • Know exactly what is happening on ALL your projects at the push of a button.
  • Communicate effortlessly with your Employees/outsourcers with text messages, email, and Voice mail. This system has been THE Most important tool that allows us to manage so many Clients with a small team… Saving a fortune in wages!

Create Automated Beautiful Reports That Dazzle Clients!

Keep your Clients Longer and happier with these stunning detailed Reports.

  • NEW Automated Reporting System delivers stunning detailed reports to your clients own private Portal where they can see what excellent work you are doing!
  • This is THE MOST important function to KEEP Clients happy and paying you every month.
  • Everything you do inside the Marketing Checklist system is automatically updated to your reports which are completely customizable!
  • Nothing is More important than KEEPING the Clients your work so hard to get in the first place!

Reputation Marketing & Management Center
Local Marketing’s #1 Tool at Your Fingertips

  • We’ve searched high and low to discover the best Reputation Management/Marketing platform to partner with and integrate into Local Oxygen… This is it.
  • Simple, Powerful and just plain works to deliver the goods for your clients. Our BIG Agency partners are lining up to get their customers signed up… It’s That Good!
  • Being a Local Oxygen Member you will get an EXCLUSIVE deal with 10X MORE Accounts than the Normal Pricing!

Get More Clients & Scale FAST with Local University!

Get ALL the Tools, Tactics and Resources to Build a Thriving 6-7 Figure Local Marketing Agency.

  • Get access to the exact Strategies, Tools, and Resources that are Directly Responsible for Building Our Agency to Over 870 Clients in less than 2 Years!
  • We teach you everything you need to build a 7 Figure Local Marketing Business, starting with the Hottest Topics like Lead Generation& Sales, Maximizing Client Fees and Revenue, BIG Ticket Consulting, Outsourcing, Plus all the resources you need to succeed.
  • Get Access to our Personal Templates, Sales Scripts, Funnel Blueprints, Important Documents/Agreements and many more Resources to help you Sell and Succeed!
  • Get the Latest “What’s Working Now” in your new Local Marketing Success Club where I share our best stuff every Month!

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