How to Hire The Right Virtual Assistants

Having great Virtual Assistants or an Outsource team is Crucial to running a successful Local Marketing Agency or Business no exceptions!

This process can be one big PAIN and cause a ton of headaches as you would no doubt know if you’ve hired any of these guys for your business.

Hmm.. so where to start?

Some go missing, some never get back to you on time, some take ages to teach the specifics, some work so slow you may as well do it yourself!

We’ve hired over 270 V.A’s and the training cost alone can be astronomical for Local internet marketers because there just aren’t any ready made local marketing Outsourcers who know the the local game well enough.

Forget just thinking of getting more clients to bolster your income, we introduced systems that added over 250% jump in bottom line profits by dramatically improving the productivity of our V.A’s.

This is the FASTEST way to bump your pay overnight!

Here’s a few tips to help you make better choices for hiring Virtual assistants and the secret in-house system we developed that makes your business a lean-mean profit machine.

hiring a VA

If you’re a local marketer or Local marketing agency then this system we’ve developed will help you save so much time.

Since introducing this new system for all our Virtual assistants we’ve been able to get our team members to go from handling 8 Clients each to an average of 25 Clients per VA!

Keep in mind with the SAME OVERHEADS we’ve more than doubled the net revenue per outsource worker and a HUGE benefit is our Clients are happier with the service and results.

We’ve opened up Access to our Local Oxygen platform and systems to help other local marketers manage and grow their business so get in touch with us if you want the same massive advantage all our members have over the competition.

Local Oxygen- the key to having Money and a Life!

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