Do you know what the #1 problem is in Offline Marketing?

It isn’t lead generation like most people think…

The single biggest problem in Offline Marketing is proving on an ongoing basis that you are worth what you’re charging.

This is where 90% of local marketing agencies both big and small lose business.

And if you don’t keep customers paying you… you go out of business no matter how many leads you get!  Most people simple don’t have  the technical skills to PROVE that all the hard work they’re doing is making a difference.

Until Now…

Local Oxygen is one of the most useful, unique and incredibly cool management tools for serious local marketing companies.  It has been classified as a “Local Marketing CRM”.

Here’s just a few things you can do in Local Oxygen:

  • Generate Beautiful reports (automatically) to PROVE to your clients they need to keep paying you.
  • Give your clients a beautiful customer portal that has reports, ability to participate in their marketing, content, and their company information.
  • Professional project management tools for both internal communications and planning with the ability to share any or all of this with your client.
  • Ability for your client to start discussions, share images/documents, and see your marketing management  (if you choose to show this to them..your choice)
  • Automated Client Notifications (very cool!)
  • Employee / Outsource management where each employee can log in with their own account and you can see what they’re doing, and lock them down to only see what you want them to.
  • iPad and iPhone optimized reports to show to potential leads
  • Local and Organic Ranking reports that not only show historical movements, but also track YouTube videos, local citations, and other resources owned by your client.
  • White Label this system inside and out with your logo and branding.
  • Purchase LocalEZE accounts for only $99/each/year ($200 savings from purchasing through LocalEZE) and even manage all of your LocalEZE accounts right in your control panel
  • Purchase UBL Accounts and manage them all in one place for only $67/each.
  • Use our proprietary local marketing checklist to nail all 267 things you need to beat your competition
  • Discover your power listings to give you a totally unfair advantage over your competition.
  • Utilize our “Local Marketing University” with almost 100 hours of training to not only get you off the ground, but also help you understand some of the most cutting edge techniques in the industry to help you rank quickly and stay longer.
  • Use our new Review and Testimonial marketing program that allows you to take charge and control your reputation online.  Don’t leave this to the customers…they will ruin your client.
  • Software is hosted online so all of your employees can use this wherever they are in the world.
  • iPad and Android optimized for managing your accounts on-the-go

This management software will make it 1000x easier to collect your checks each month from your clients.  By being transparent and communicating better than ever before, their satisfaction levels will be higher than ever.  Not only can you justify getting paid, but you can justify getting paid MORE by using our system.

You will also look much more professional with your client portal, professional ranking reports, and reporting in general.

We have designed our packages to allow you to be making at least $120,000 with our $97/mo. package and $60,000 with our $47/mo. package.  This is the most affordable and comprehensive local marketing CRM on the market today.

With Local Oxygen, it is now efficient to bring on these lower value clients and still make good money doing their marketing.  Local Oxygen will also allow you as an agency to maintain a standard marketing process for all your customers with accountability, employee/outsource management, and great reporting built into the system.  With the ability to easily contact customers through automated processes, you can now keep closer with your customers while doing very little in terms of actual 1:1 contact.  This allows you to maintain happy customers, extend their contracts, have them pay you for longer, and have happier and more successful customers.  All important to your bottom line.

guarantee_smCheck out the list of management features, processes to manage your employees or outsourcers, as well as stay in touch with your customers with reporting and other critical contacts by clicking here.Try Local Oxygen today to see if this dramatically changes how well you do your Local Marketing and improve your customer satisfaction.  You have a  full 30 day money back guarantee, so give it a try today!
P.S. Even if you don’t have a single client today, this system can train you how to become a professional local marketer and teach you through our “Local Marketing University” how to start your business, land clients, and run an efficient and profitable business.   We even teach you how to spend only 1/2 of your time working by automating and outsourcing the parts of your business that are the most time intensive.